Be An Alchemist – 22 Days Online Program

Be An Alchemist – 22 Days Online Program


△ Many of us are moved by emotional, mental & physical waves while experiencing confinement. Instead of reproducing old patterns, by looking outside what about looking inside?

△ Let me help you on the way to find the light coming from within. To take advantage of this time, maybe the only one in our lives where we are invited to slow down even by the society.

△ I will be from April 23rd, under the auspicious energy of the new moon, releasing tools, tips, and practices to help you to transform day per day.

△ Because a new world is coming, and a new version of You needs to be ready to sustain it, to shine with it.

△ Because we are incarnating this change, because there is no return to (a)normality.

△ Please if you know someone struggling with this period of life, or just someone who could benefit from this program, share this event, share this link, share the Love.

△ Be An Alchemist

△ This program will be on Donation base for those starting it on April 23rd, please write an email to me if you want to be part of the movement, and send your donation on this same address via PayPal if you feel like it:

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