Yoga Teacher Training Course 200hrs

… We invite you to undertake an initatic path of transformation through the Yoga, in its different expressions.

You may opt for the entire training course or select a specific module for your continuing education. First, you teach yourself to be your own master and if the profession of Yoga Teacher resonates with you, we offer tools and mentoring to teach to a larger audience and implement a career project in the field.

Before willing to live out of a passion and sharing it to the world, we encourage you to build up a strong core and understanding of all aspects at stake in the Yoga bubble. Practice.
Experience different fields inward, trust the process, deepen your powers to manifest and to surrender on and off the mat.

Travelling developed a great resilience in our personalities and it is a condensed methodology of a lifetime exploration that we wanna share with you. Treasures and wonders of Earth. Moving the body and experimenting emotions. Letting go of limiting beliefs and becoming conscious that we can transform our realities. Soft landing in Presence. Establish smooth Connections. Flow.

Our programme encourages you to follow your (higher) Joy and learn from obstacles, acknowledging the power within our hands, unlocking the secrets hold in the body and optimise our vital Energy. Listen to the voice of the Heart.
Together, we design a harmonious lifestyle to cherish fully the correlation between the body, the mind and the spirit.

… Engage in this introspective process to dive deep within and share at a larger extend your potential to the world. All reasons are valid to step into this transformational journey.
Nurture yourself with asana practice, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, teaching the teacher within, anatomy and adjustment, to arise through the Yogic way.

 … All details will be communicated very soon.
The dates and location will be confirmed soon and we will give you all relevant details asap.

May you be interested, send me an email: