A constant evolution.

It’s said that a Yoga practice doesn’t really begin until life gets hard. I have experienced that first hand. My will is to help people see that our greatest struggles can become our greatest strengths. In my classes, I combine the power of movement and the experience of the sensations, emotions and feelings to help others to move through life’s physical or mental transitions with grace and ease.

“Maricha is known to be very generous and precise in her teachings; she wants people to get closer to their Self through their own experience of their Body, Breathe & Mind.”

I’m a lover of feeling the wind blowing & water trickling onto each parcel of my skin.
I’m a lover of digging my feet, hands and head onto the earth (or sand if available).
I’m a lover of travelling, writing, dancing, sharing.
I’m a lover of Nature, poetry, surprises, smiles.
I’m a lover of tasting the first fig of the year, eating with my fingers and licking them.
I’m a lover of the Rain, and the sensation it brings.
I’m a lover of staring at the clouds or stars, feeling lost in the sky.
I’m a lover of the sounds of breathing, Ocean, Birds, whispers, laugh, heart beats, love.
I’m a lover of every moment, sensation, emotion, feeling, experience.
I’m a lover of fears and tears, wrinkles and scars.
I’m a lover of absurdity, nonsense, wisdom, love, liberty.
I’m a lover of being. I’m a lover of Life and this Human Experience.